I created this book because I want to pay forward the generosity and patience that so many of my instructors, especially that of my grandmother Rosie Whitaker, has exercised while teaching me the various facets of fashion design. I am looking forward to counting my research into zero waste production methods and the overlap between socioeconomic status and access to design education. This workbook is a solution work-in-progress, designed with you young students in mind who may or may not have a fanatic excitement about math and want to know where those skills can take you creatively. Let me assure you, there is space for you in fashion as well as other creative industries. This book is designed to particularly empower those individuals who want to work in technical arenas bringing to life the very garments that you buy online at your favorite retail or fast fashion store. I have beef with fast fashion, but you’ll learn more about that later in the zero waste module of this book.

As a sociologist, I begin everything with theory and I have principles that will guide the reason behind the processes I teach. Please engage with this book with an open mind and ask questions, annotate, research, and explore. This is your safe space to ask those questions you’ve always wanted and unpack the connection between math and creative careers.
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